Here's what's in it for you...

Our family is 30,000,000 online moms
strong and growing. We’ve developed
a network of trust and mutual respect.

Moms are busy. We don’t waste their
time. Moms need advice they can trust.
We give it. Moms wanna have fun.
We entertain. And with all the shopping
they have to do, we help them save money.

We listen and respond to mothers
through a finely tuned network of
583 Mom Bloggers who together with
their readers are the digital moms marketplace.
We'll help you make friends and build relationships
with the millions of expecting and new mothers that we
have the opportunity to touch each day.

Performance Advertising Defined

INFOstable advertisers only pay for results. You only pay when the connection you want to make is made. We are experts in customer acquisition. We target, engage and acquire female consumers, mostly moms, on a performance basis. When you advertise with INFOstable, your ideal consumer interacts with your brand, and you only pay for the pre-defined action.

Unlike other publishers who sell ad space on a viewership basis, we partner with our advertisers in order to find scalable customer acquisition and activation strategies that work for our company and theirs. We deliver results on a CPA basis and offer pay for performance opportunities in all forms of online and offline media.

Here's how to get started. Fill our our handy Contact Us form, which is the quickest way to get our attention, or just give us a call >> 803-702-0001.


Snapshot Overview

  • Audience: Moms -- 98% Female, Age 25 -- 54
  • Owned Media: 300M monthly page views
  • In-Network: 583 affiliates; 30MM Online Moms
  • Cost-Per-Action Advertising - Only Pay for Results
  • Quality Lead Generation and Customer Acquisition
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analysis
  • Lead Inventory Management
  • CPA Offer Placement and Tracking