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Understanding marketing challenges and advising clients on how best to position their brands for powerful results is why Infostable is the destination for solutions in today's fragmented world of social networking. Having the right story, intersecting at the right place, and engaging with the Mom audience when they want are the outcome of working with our team.

For campaign development, product testing, focus groups or dynamic feedback programs designed to build loyalty and retain customers, simply contact our business development team









Case Study

Consumer Brand Consulting

"We asked INFOstable to produce a test campaign for us. Our target is women who are pregnant or who have at least one child in the house under age 3," said VP Digital Marketing for a large consumer brand.

INFOstable consulted with this client to develop a testing strategy, followed thru with the associated creative materials, and ran the campaign on company-owned media properties for a period of seven days.

The results? We generated approximately 4,400 consumer registrations for this brand. Within that audience, there were approximately 1,100 women who are expecting their first baby within the next eight months. An additional 1,100 pregnant women already had an older sibling at home. And, the rest of the audience had at least one child in the house under three years of age.

"What really impressed us was the responsiveness," the advertiser continued. "Within the following week, our offer yielded a 32.6% new customer acquisition rate. We're really looking forward to rolling out the campaign."